Cocoa smoothie to prevent the cool temperatures

With the arrival of the cool temperatures, everyone starts to desire to lie down by the fireplace with a comforting drink. And chocolate makes everything taste better! At home, I have the habit to make these kinds of smoothies, I add fruits, vegetables and vegetable milk and in 5 minutes I have my breakfast made. This raw cocoa smoothie has an incredibly softness and a delicious cocoa aroma. It is super simple to make it and it requires only 4 ingredients. Raw cocoa is a superfood with a lot of benefits as I have told you in the past. It is rich in iron, magnesium and potassium, it gives us more energy and vitality, it is a great ally against cardiovascular diseases and has the ability to control our good mood! I advise you to use this product, both in the preparation of smoothies, as the one I present to you today, or in hot drinks or even cakes in the substitution of chocolate. Around here, we are already by the fireplace with this smoothie to help us spend this cold afternoon!

Ingredients (for 2 cups)

- 1/2 avocado - 1/2 banana - 2 tablespoons of raw cocoa (from Iswari) - 1 cup of vegetable milk (we used coconut milk) - honey (to taste)


- raw cocoa powder for sprinkling

- coconut flakes


Peel the avocado and the banana, combine them in a food processor with the remaining ingredients and process until creamy.

Serve in cups, sprinkle with raw cocoa and place coconut flakes.

Taste it by the fireplace :)

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